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Beauty 4 Free: Products & Services

Beauty 4 Free is a website that offers a small directory of other website favorites of theirs that offer freebies, coupons, and deals on beauty and related products.  The site always has giveaways happening, often for women's jewelry.  The site primarily focuses around the sweepstakes, they are currently operating. 

Beauty 4 Free: Company Background

Beauty 4 Free has a page listed where visitors to the site can view names of past winners and quickly and easily sign up for their newsletter and/or sweepstakes being offered for the month in which you visit.  You can contact the website's administration by e-mailing for questions, comments, or suggestions.  Beauty 4 Free has been in operation since 2001!

Beauty 4 Free: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Beauty 4 Free has their monthly giveaways listed usually on Slop Swap, a deal, freebies, and sweepstakes blog.  Beauty 4 Free is also listed on Mommy Needs Her coffee from time to time when their giveaway is advertised, but I am unable to find any consumer reviews associated with Beauty 4 Free, because there simply aren't any out there.  Beauty 4 Free may want to get out there in social media and with bloggers a little bit, because they are virtually unknown in spite of being around since 2001.

Beauty 4 Free: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Beauty 4 Free is not a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business.  Beauty 4 Free has been fully assessed and analyzed for its usefulness and validity by Scam Advisor.  The site reports that Beauty 4 Free's website is 88% safe to visit and use.  Beauty 4 Free appears to be a legitimate company, according to Scam Advisor.

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webutation 90/100
Beauty 4 Free: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
Beauty 4 Free: Social Media Presence

Beauty 4 Free is virtually absent in the social media department.  I could find mention of them on blogs such as Mommy Needs Her Coffee and in a few coupon directories such as Deals 365, but I was unable to locate any social profiles or mention of the company listed on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube among many of the other popular social networking websites on the web most widely used today.  The site's webutation is 90 out of a possible 100 points. 

Beauty 4 Free: Website Security & Safety

Beauty 4 Free's website has been full assessed by  Their findings are that Beauty 4 Free's website is safe to visit.  Google Safebrowsing deems Beauty 4 Free's website to be safe.  AVG Website Antivirus finds Beauty 4 Free's website also to be  safe.  In addition, Webutation reports that Norton Safeweb has deemed the website safe to use.  WoT (Web of Trust) has determined that Beauty 4 Free's website is safe to visit as well.

Beauty 4 Free: Pricing & Packages

Beauty 4 Free is completely free to visit and use.  Their contests are ongoing. One winner is chosen each month and the sweepstakes is only open to United States residents.  To enter the contest, you agree to become a member of Beauty4Free & their newsletter. Membership costs are $0 and includes an entry to their contest to win a product, whichever product they are sharing that particular month and their daily newsletter.

Beauty 4 Free: Shipping Rates & Policies

Beauty 4 Free does not require shipping costs to be paid if you win their contest nor do they ever ask you to have anything shipped to your home or office address.  Your e-mail address will never be sold or used for spam purposes.  They use it for only sending you updated freebies/contests and deals.  Unsubscribe instructions for each newsletter you signed up for will be available within that newsletter.

Beauty 4 Free: Payment Methods Accepted

Beauty 4 Free is free to use.  Its free to become a member and enjoy their newsletter and to enter their monthly contest.  You may join as many newsletters advertised on The Beauty 4 Free website and you will never be charged anything for your participation, even if you win the contest! 

Beauty 4 Free: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Beauty 4 Free does not offer a return/exchange or refund policy, because they do not sell any products.  They offer a free monthly sweepstakes for a "giveaway" for a free product, whatever that product might be at the time.  Upon winning their contest, the product is free and is yours.  Therefore, since you never paid anything for it, no returns or exchanges or refunds are ever necessary.

Beauty 4 Free: Product images & screenshots
Beauty 4 Free Coupons
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